We Now Accept Direct Billing for Bupa Global

We’re pleased to share that Posture Plus now accepts direct billing with “Bupa Global” insurance. If you are a Bupa Global member, you can claim your treatment directly with us. This means that eligible clients can now enjoy the convenience of having their treatments paid for directly, without the need to submit claims.

For those with other insurance plans, we can provide a receipt for your appointment that you can submit to your plan directly for reimbursement.

Need Any Help? Reach Out to Us!

If you have been struggling with musculoskeletal injuries, conditions or discomfort, and would like further advice on treatment and rehabilitation, feel free to reach out to us!

Our team of physiotherapists are professional and experienced in working with clients of all ages. Treatment plans are always personalised to each client’s recovery needs. Working with our physios, you will receive a detailed assessment to fully understand the root cause and identify areas requiring treatment. From there, we then develop a program to help clients return to full mobility and function, with advice on exercises and activities to minimise the risk of re-injury.

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