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Telehealth Appointments

If you are unable to visit our clinic for whatever reason, you can obtain the help to recover faster through online appointments from Prohealth Posture Plus. 

During these video call sessions, our physiotherapy team will provide professional guidance to your recovery and educate you on the best possible management of your condition through effective exercises and self-management.   

What will I be able to achieve during the session?

Advice and education for your condition will be provided during your online consultation. We will also be providing full supervision on your tailored home programme. We will correct you using visual cues and demos, as well as educate you with self-treatment techniques that would aid your recover.  

  • Postural correction and advice
  • Training and exercise advice
  • Rehab exercise progressions and correction
  • Foam rolling and stretching tasks
  • Home working desk assessment
  • Fact-based lifestyle advice from therapists to improve your condition
How will the session be conducted?

Once you have made your booking with us, you will then receive an email with a link to your private online consultation. Simply click the link at your appointment time to start your consultation with our therapists.

Each session is about 30 minutes, and the consultation will take place through our secure patient care software, which is covered by end-to-end encryption and reliable security.

Do I need to prepare any equipment?

You will need a laptop/computer/iPad set up with a camera, microphone, and speakers. Please also make sure your web browser is up to date to ensure it is compatible with the software. If you have previously used Zoom or Skype on your device, you shouldn’t have any of the above issues.

Book Your Telehealth Appointment

To get yourself booked in for a session, either in-clinic or online, please fill out the below form, and we will be in touch to confirm your appointment with you within one working day. For same day appointments, please contact us on +852 2167-8801 or send us a WhatsApp message at +852 6310-1033.

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