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Whether you are having difficulties with a recent or a recurring injury / condition, looking to strengthen your performance, or improve your overall health, our therapists can help you with your recovery and provide education so you can confidently manage your own health. Find out more about our services here.

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We Are Part Of The Prohealth Asia Network

We are part of the Prohealth Asia healthcare network, which spans across Asia with physiotherapy centres in top tier cities such as Singapore, Manila, and New Delhi. Additionally, the Prohealth Asia network includes SPI Prohealth, which provides sports physiotherapy at global tournaments and events.

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We Accept Direct Billing

We are able to accept direct billing with the following insurance partners. This means that eligible clients can now enjoy the convenience of having their treatments paid for directly, without the need to submit claims. For those with other insurance plans, we can provide a receipt for your appointment that you can submit to your plan directly for reimbursement.