Frequently Asked Questions

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This section covers general FAQs, for treatment service specific FAQs, do refer to the respective pages

Physiotherapy Pilates Plus Clinical & Sports Massage Osteopathy

FAQ List

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, you can call us at +852 2167 8801, WhatsApp us at +852 6310 1033, or send an email to

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

To change or cancel an appointment, kindly please inform us 24-hrs in advance in order to prevent a late cancellation fee. We can be contacted via the following channels;

  1. Tel : (852) 2167 8801
  2. Whatsapp : 6310 1033
  3. Email :
What is the Late Cancellation Policy?

Late cancellation fee applies when an appointment is canceled within 24-hrs.

We respectively ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide us with at least 24-hrs notice. This will also allow us time to contact someone else on the waiting list.

Do I need a doctor to diagnose my issue and get a referral letter before I see the physiotherapist, massage therapist or osteopath?

Most health insurance companies require a Doctor’s referral in order to grant a refund. When you first attend the clinic, let our receptionist know that you will be making an insurance claim and they will photocopy your referral, return the original to you and ensure that the Doctors’ diagnosis is printed on your receipt.

Can I claim for my treatment through my insurance?

This will depend on the details of your insurance policy, so it may be best to check with your policy or insurer to find out the details. Many insurance plans require a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy in order for you to be reimbursed for your physiotherapy sessions. When you first visit the clinic, let our receptionists know that you will be making an insurance claim and they will photocopy your referral, return the original to you and ensure that the Doctors’ diagnosis is printed on your receipt.

We are able to accept direct billing with “Bupa Global” insurance. If you are a Bupa Global member, you can claim your treatment directly with us.

How long are the treatment sessions?

Pilates Plus session lasts 60 minutes.

May I bring someone with me to the appointment?

Yes. If this would make you feel more comfortable, we are more than happy for you to have someone accompany you.

What payment methods does Prohealth Posture Plus accept?

You will be requested to pay on the day of appointment. We accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, EPS and FPS. 

What is the difference between treatments provided by physiotherapists, massage therapists, and osteopaths?

We are all qualified health professionals that treat physical conditions and injuries. The techniques we use can be similar, yet have their differences as well. Additionally, the treatments can be complementary to help you regain your health faster. If you are unsure of which one therapy suits you best, our friendly receptionists will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Can I continue my sports, gym and other daily activities after my treatment sessions?

Unless informed otherwise during the assessment phase, you will most often be able to continue with your sports, gym and daily activities. Sometimes you may be asked to modify or stop these activities during the assessment phase to help analyse your response to your prescribed exercises.In some circumstances, we may need to modify your sports, gym or daily activities for a period of time if they may be hindering your performance and progress to achieving your goals.

Do I have to be completely undressed?

In a word, “No.” You should undress to your comfort level. Any clothing left on serves as a border to your privacy. Your therapist will do their best to work around any clothes left on. However, the more clothing worn means that certain areas may receive minimal work or not be worked on at all. Most clients either wear their underwear or nothing. Boxers and panties that cover the bottom of the buttocks usually prevent work from being done on your upper hip and hamstring muscles.

Is it safe to do treatment during pregnancy?

Make sure you tell your therapist if you think you are pregnant and they will be sure to avoid any contraindicated treatment techniques. Physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy and Pilates have been shown to be safe and effective treatments for pregnant women when contraindicated techniques are avoided.

Is Prohealth Posture Plus open during inclement weather such as Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rain?

Our centre will be closed during Typhoon Signal No. 8 and Black Rain. For more information on inclement weather, please refer to our Weather Policy Page .