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Osteoporosis affects over 200 million people worldwide, and one in three females and one in eight males will develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a disease characterized by low bone density and a deterioration of the bone tissue leading to bone fragility and consequently, increased risk of fracture. It is typically known as a “silent” disease because it is often not diagnosed until after a broken bone has occurred following a minor incident.

Join our speakers, Judith Anne Gould, Onero Certified Physiotherapist from Posture Plus, and Violet Man, Accredited Dietitian from OT&P Healthcare to learn more about the importance of bone health, and how a research-based exercise program and a healthy balanced diet help preserve or even improve your bone density.

Event Details:

Session: Osteoporosis and Osteopenia: Facts about your bone health you should know
Date: Wednesday, February 15th 2023
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: The session will be held online as a webinar
Registration: Click here to register your place

  • What are osteoporosis and osteopenia, and how prevalent are they?
  • What happens to our bone health over our lifespan?
  • Who is at risk of osteoporosis, and what are the risk factors we can and can’t change?
  • How is osteoporosis diagnosed?
  • What steps can we take to preserve or even improve bone density?
  • Why are supervised exercises and a research-based exercise program, Onero, recommended?
  • What role does diet play in the acquisition and maintenance of bone mass, and what kind of diet is recommended?
  • What kinds of minerals and vitamins should we take to preserve bone density?
  • Are taking supplements recommended, and what kinds of supplements and what dosage is appropriate to improve bone health?

About the Speakers

Ms. Judith Anne Gould
BPhty (Hons) (Australia), MPhil (HK)
Registered Physiotherapist (HK & Australia)

Judith has spent the last 25 of her 35 year physiotherapy career focussing on the assessment and treatment of dysfunctional posture and movement patterns through rehabilitation exercise and ergonomic intervention.

Because she observed a high rate of osteoporosis and osteopenia prevalent in her client base, Judith started to explore what current treatment options were available both in Hong Kong and around the world. During that search, she came across LIFTMOR, a study which showed dramatic improvement in the bone density of subjects (with osteopenia and osteoporosis) through a specific targeted exercise programme. It seemed a natural progression of her current practice to open Bone Health Asia, and to become one of the first physiotherapists to complete the Onero Academy Programme outside of Australia.

She passionately believes in the importance of patient education in order to empower her patients to take charge of their own health. With Onero she hopes to show people that they can improve their bone health safely and effectively through exercise based treatment.

Ms. Violet Man
BHthSci (Nutrition & Dietetics) (Australia)
Accredited Practising Dietitian (Australia)
Accredited Nutritionist (Australia)

Violet is passionate about assisting clients, to achieve their nutritional goals and safely manage health conditions using food as Medical Nutrition Therapy. She helps lots of clients to become a healthier and happier individual.

Violet spent thirteen years studying and working in Australia, she has previously worked as a Clinical Dietitian in one of the largest hospitals in Australia, public and private hospitals in HK. Her research “Effects of glucosamine on osteoarthritis in adult population” was displayed at the International Dietetics Conference in 2012.

Violet is frequently interviewed by TVs, Radios, Newspapers, Magazines and Social Media on different nutrition topics. Violet also lectures at HKUSPACE, as well as mentor younger and aspiring Dietitians.

Violet translates the latest evidenced-based scientific health and nutrition information, into understandable language and practical advice. Violet provides one on one consultation; personalized nutritional assessment, education, and goal-setting assistance; individualized meal planning assistance; menu analysis; group seminars, education sessions, cooking classes and media interview.

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