• Grad Dip. P.T.
  • Registered Physiotherapist (UK & HK)
  • Certified Onero™ Bone Density Practitioner
  • Pilates Plus Practitioner

My mission is to continue learning, and use my skills and expertise to reduce pain and improve client treatment outcomes.

Sarah Wickham

Sarah Wickham

Experience & Background

I graduated in the UK and worked as a Physiotherapist in the UK British Olympic Medical Centre in 1989 as well as for the British ice skating team in the Albertville Winter Olympics, and the British rowing team in the Barcelona Summer Olympics. I then came to Hong Kong in 1993, and continued to develop my Sports Physiotherapy career, attending the East Asian games with the Hong Kong Rowing Squad.

After my pregnancy, I became more interested in Pilates, and actively used Pilates to help postpartum clients return to fitness after childbirth. I continued focusing on rehabilitation Pilates aiming to help clients with chronic pain and postural issues. After I developed an interest in improving bone density I qualified as one of the first Onero™ accredited practitioners in Asia.

Subsequently I decided to devote more time to treating people with osteopaenia and osteoporosis and am now working solely at the Bone Density Clinic for Posture Plus. This is a centre where a tailored programme of research based bone strengthening and balance exercises is taught. Postural correction based on the Pilates principles is an important component.

Clinical Interests

I am interested in the health and well-being of children and adolescents in Hong Kong. Many seem to be focussing on their studies instead of playing sports or even maintaining basic fitness. This could have an effect on their general health and even bone density in the future. I teach young people how to improve their posture and provide specific exercise programmes for them which can be done at home. These include exercises to improve posture, flexibility, core strength, cardiac fitness and bone density.

Personal Interests

I am very active and believe that exercise is important for both physical health and mental wellbeing. Not only am I a qualified horse riding instructor, but I also enjoy running, competitive tennis and hiking.

Future Aims

I would like to spread the word about the importance of maintaining and improving bone density especially for women who have gone through the menopause and have subsequently experienced bone loss.

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