• Sports Massage Therapist
  • BTEC 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage and Therapies, 2012
  • City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Body Massage Therapies, 2009
  • Sports Massage
  • Clinical Massage
  • Sports Recovery Massage
  • Pre & Post Pregnancy Massage

My mission is to provide the best possible care to my clients to improve their health, boost their performance, keep them injury-free and prolong their active lifestyles.

Darek Wyrzykowski

Darek Wyrzykowski

Experience & Background

I began practicing in 2009 as a Sports Massage Therapist in the UK after completing my City and Guild Level 3 Diploma in Body Massage Therapies. After graduating from the BTEC 5 Diploma in Sports Massage and Sports Therapies course in 2012, I focused my treatment on sports injuries, post-sports recovery and deep tissue massage. 

I was deeply inspired by Ida Rolf and Tom Meyer’s work on the web of fascia and the myofascial meridians. I therefore furthered my studies in kinesiology and structural integration. This has enhanced my massage techniques as well as my understanding of chronic pain conditions and postural dysfunctions.

In the UK, I had the opportunity to work with other medical healthcare professionals in the University College London Hospital which helped me to utilize these advanced massage techniques on chronic pain clients and complicated rehabilitation cases.

In 2012, my wife and I relocated to Hong Kong and I commenced work at Posture Plus as a sports massage therapist. The Posture Plus clinic combines hands on treatments with Pilates Plus, an exercise based rehabilitation programme. I work closely with and share clients with my health care colleagues, so I am constantly learning as well as sharing my professional experiences and techniques.

Clinical Interests

I focus on soft tissue, positional and myofascial release, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques. While the majority of my clients are office works and weekend “warriors”, having a child increased my pre and postnatal massage skills.

Besides in-clinic treatments, I have also provided sports massage and “pitch-side” support at international sporting events such as the WTA and ATP Tennis Open competitions in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing.  I hope to provide this sports massage service again once travel and international sporting events such as this are back to normal.

Personal Interests

In my free time I enjoy climbing and scrambling Hong Kong coastlines with my daughter. Martial arts still challenges my mind and helps maintain my fitness. The spontaneity of climbing in the outdoors and the concentration required for martial arts helps to nurture my interest in body science, nutrition and sports coaching, as well as strengthen my skills in analyzing biomechanics and human physiology. 

My previous background in architecture means that I am endlessly building things. Living in an old Hong Kong village house is an endless playground for my DIY’er mind.

Future Aims

I plan to keep expanding my knowledge in human body structural imbalances, dysfunctions and treatments. I would love to explore further the benefits of soft tissue therapist in the treatment of scoliosis. My interests are not only in sports enthusiasts but also office people and the challenges faced by our aging population.

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