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Posture Plus : Obtaining and maintaining Good Posture is a delicate balancing act one, which involves muscles, joints, and the brain and nerve pathways that control them. When you have the correct posture you are protecting your body from injury whether you are sitting at a desk all day or doing a gym class.

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Our Aim

We strive to provide high quality care and promote quality assurance, evidence based practice and research within our clinic and further, to disseminate the information to the community.

Good Posture - The backbone of good health

“If you begin a movement in a bad posture, it is very difficult to move in an efficient and effective manner. This is turn will lead to compensations, altering forces on the joints, straining the muscles and further reinforcing bad posture and poor movement habits. With time and repetition these changes become fixed.”
: Judith Anne Gould

Judith Anne Gould

Judith Anne Gould BPhty (Hons), MPhil

Pilates, Ergonomics, Evaluation & Lecture

Judith Anne Gould completed her Physiotherapy qualifications at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia in 1987. She completed an Honours degree the following year where her research thesis investigated the relationship between muscle length and patello-femoral pain.

After working in hospitals and private practices in various States and Territories of Australia, Judith travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While there she established a rehabilitation exercise programme for pre and post ACL knee joint reconstructions.

In 1994 she arrived in Hong Kong and after several years in private practice she completed her B.E.T. Pilates training. For the next eleven years at the B.E.T Centre she was involved in clinical management, staff and course training, monitoring of evidence-based outcomes and research projects.

In 2001 she completed a research Masters in Philosophy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University where the title of her thesis was “Three-Dimensional Measurement of Posture and Movements of the Neck, Shoulder and Scapula”.

Judith provides a detailed individual assessment, diagnosis and explanation of the presenting postural problems and how they contribute to pain, discomfort or stiffness. She then uses Pilates-based rehabilitation exercise to restore and improve movement and to prevent reoccurrences. She has a particular interest in the treatment of scoliosis, neck and shoulder pain, and is currently pursuing further study in the area of Ergonomics and Occupational Health.

Judith’s mission is to continue learning, to promote evidence-based practice and improve client treatment outcomes.


Amie Moriarty

Physical Therapist from Barry University, Florida, USA

Sport Physiotherapy, Manipulative Physiotherapy, Ante-Natal & Post-Natal Care

Amie Moriarty qualified as a Physical Therapist from Barry University, Florida, USA in 1996. Throughout her career she has worked in outpatient sports and orthopedic settings as well as in acute care rehabilitation units.

Prior to relocating to Hong Kong in 2006, she was the Director of the USA Triathlon National Training Center in Clermont, Florida. Amie gained extensive Physiotherapy experience working with elite sports teams both on a local and national level. One of the highlights of her career was working with the USA 2004 and 2008 Olympic Triathlon, Track and Field athletes.

Amie has continued her special interest in this area in Hong Kong by working closely with local triathletes, enabling them to return to their sport and remain injury free. She also works closely with regional orthopedic surgeons on post-surgical protocol design and rehabilitation.

Amie utilises a large array of manual techniques including joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, dry needling, biomechanical evaluation and she is also a certified acupuncturist.

Amie believes that education plays a vital role in the treatment and prevention of injury. She uses functional movement and motion analysis in her approach to treatment and program design for clients.

In her spare time, Amie enjoys trail running in Hong Kong and practicing yoga daily.

Amie's mission is to return clients to a pain-free active lifestyle, helping them to enjoy life and stay injury free.



Ashley McDonald

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), (MTAS)

Massage Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Positional Release Therapy and Advanced Soft Tissues Manipulation

Ashley McDonald qualified as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), after receiving her diploma with honours from McKay Massage and Hydrotherapy, Saskatoon, Canada in 2007. Ashley is currently a member of the Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS). Soon after graduation, Ashley moved to Hong Kong to begin her practicing career. Since then, Ashley has received additional training in Positional Release Therapy and Advanced Soft Tissues Manipulation, Advanced Anatomy, Deep Tissue Therapy, and Breast Massage. As a Massage Therapist, Ashley offers General Swedish Massage with a therapeutic focus using a variety of techniques such as Deep Tissue, Trigger point therapy, Myofascial Release, and Lymphatic Drainage. Ashley also offers treatments for Pre/Post-Natal, Infant, Acute and Chronic Pain, Headaches and Migraines, and General maintenance. In her 14 years of practice, Ashley has treated a wide range of clientele, from new-borns, to corporate warriors, to athletes, to senior citizens, and everyone in-between. Ashley developed a passion for how the human body functions and responds to pain after having endured two car accidents. On her quest to eliminate her pain, Ashley turned to educating herself by studying Massage Therapy. It is her belief that massage is a huge benefit for managing acute and chronic pain and with the proper treatment, clients can learn to live a more relaxed and pain-free lifestyle. This can in turn help to manage anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Ashley provides her clients with a tailor-made treatment, by assessing any postural, structural and muscular imbalances, which over time, can pre-dispose a client towards pain or injury. Treatments will focus on identifying the cause of discomfort, and treating the cause. Ashley spent her younger years as a competitive figure skater, volleyball player, and track athlete. She also competed on a national level as an arm-wrestler. This athletic past has helped Ashley to develop a greater understanding of the importance of health and self-care.


Sophie von Burg

University College London and The Middlesex School of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapeutic Exercise Rehabilitation; Pilates and Strength Conditioning

Sophie von Burg graduated from University College London and The Middlesex Hospital School of Physiotherapy in 1995 with a first class honours B.Sc. in Physiotherapy.

After completing her junior out-patients rotations in London Sophie moved to Hong Kong and joined the physiotherapy team at The Matilda Hospital. She spent a year gaining invaluable knowledge of ante and post-natal physiotherapy and well as general out-patients. During this time she attended a series of postgraduate courses in the UK about the identification and treatment of movement dysfunction. It was then that she decided to specialize in this field.

To this end she completed her B.E.T. Pilates training and has worked with this modality for the last 23 years in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Whilst using this technique she has acted as a clinician in clinical trials exploring the efficacy of exercise rehabilitation and has completed post graduate courses in all areas of movement dysfunction. She has more recently developed a keen interest in chronic pain education and the building of physical robustness through strength based exercise rehabilitation.

Sophie assesses an individual’s movement patterns (identifying any areas of uncontrolled or restricted movement) and physical capacity. She then plans an exercise based treatment programme using Pilates, strength based interventions and other movement techniques to teach, correct and facilitate normal movement, build capacity and alleviate pain.

Sophie also provides walking and running clinical assessments in the great outdoors.

Sophie is a keen triathlete and regularly participates in trail races around Hong Kong.

Sophie’s mission is the use of evidence based physiotherapeutic exercise to build self efficacy, robustness and the ability to weather the storm!


Sylvia Chen

Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University, Australia,

Ergonomics Evaluation & Lecture, Pilates

Sylvia Chen completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University, Australia, graduating in 2000. Since then, she has worked in a range of settings in Melbourne, in both clinical and administrative roles. Her early career focus was acute trauma/accident care, particularly rehabilitation post-surgery/injury.

In 2010, she moved to Hong Kong where she commenced work at an international hospital, attending to clients in the Maternity and Orthopaedic wards. She provided manual therapy for clients with musculoskeletal issues, in addition to conducting Pilates training for a range of clients. These included antenatal and postnatal women, individuals affected by orthopaedic or soft tissue injuries and patients recovering post-surgery. Sylvia enjoys team sports and having played competitive volleyball for 10 years in Australia, she has a thorough knowledge of a variety of sports injuries. Her approach to rehabilitation is empathetic, with the ultimate aim being the return to full activity.

Sylvia also has a special interest in Ergonomic evaluation and education and has conducted posture assessments for executives. Having worked as a physiotherapist in both clinical and office settings, she has a special appreciation of common workplace injuries and prevention strategies.

Sylvia has completed numerous courses over her 15 year career. Specifically, she has completed Pilates training with Polestar Pilates, is certified in Dry Needling and Infant Massage Instruction. To expand her skills in the area of Women’s Health, she has completed post-graduate training in Sydney. She is fluent in both English and Cantonese.

In her free time, Sylvia enjoys various water sports and on holidays, she can often be found indulging her passion for scuba diving around Southeast Asia.

Sylvia embraces the values of Client-Centered Care, empowering clients to manage their condition, by taking the time to explain their diagnosis, potential treatment and help them develop healthy behaviours.

Sarah Wickham

King’s College Hospital London

Sport Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Ante-Natal & Post-Natal Care, Exercise Assessment, Ergonomics Evaluation & Lecture, Gait Assessment

Sarah qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist at King’s College Hospital London in 1980. Sarah was chosen to work at a ‘centre of excellence’ early on in her career, which meant that she gained access to highly sought after postgraduate courses in joint mobilisation and manipulation.

She chose to specialise in spinal and sports injuries and has continued to develop these interests throughout her long career.

Sarah has many years of experience treating elite sports men and women in a variety of disciplines in both summer and winter Olympics.

In 1989, the British Olympic Medical Centre was established and Sarah became the Centre’s Physiotherapist, working closely with sports doctors and liaising with coaches.
In 1992, Sarah attended the Winter Olympics in Albertville as Physiotherapist for the ice skating team and she was also a Physiotherapist for the British rowing team at the summer Olympics in 1992 held in Barcelona.
In 1993, Sarah followed her husband to Hong Kong. She continued to develop her Sports Physiotherapy career, attending the East Asian games with the Hong Kong team, focusing on the rowing squad.
Sarah first became interested in Pilates at this time and after the birth of her two children she worked for the B.E.T Pilates clinic for many years.
Sarah has been involved with horses all her life. She rides and competes in Hong Kong and is a qualified riding instructor. She also worked at the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a steward for the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation.
As well as competitive horse riding, Sarah has been runner up in the Standard Chartered 10km race in Hong Kong in her age category, has a black belt in Karate and plays tennis competitively.
Sarah is very active and believes that exercise is important for both physical health and mental wellbeing. She aims to use Pilates-based exercises to reduce pain, restore movement and promote self-care. Sarah has a particular interest in using Pilates to help clients return to fitness after childbirth and to promote postural awareness in horse riders.

Sarah’s mission is to continue learning, to promote evidence-based practice and improve client treatment outcomes.

Natalie Fogg

Natalie Fogg

Keele University, UK

Registered Physiotherapist

Natalie Fogg is a registered physiotherapist who graduated in 2010 from Keele University, UK where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree with honours, in Physiotherapy. Shortly after, she completed a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy where she was able to gain further skills including movement analysis and retraining, dynamic ultrasound and acupuncture. Her research project for this degree was based on the use of acupuncture in neck pain. In 2015, Natalie began further part-time studies through the University of St. Augustine, Florida, USA. Following completion of this, along with the National Physical Therapy Exam, she achieved her license to practice physical therapy in the state of Florida. During her physiotherapy career, Natalie has worked in a number of different clinical areas in the UK, predominately within the National Health Service. She has worked across a variety of acute care and rehabilitation settings and understands the difficulties that people face when dealing with acute injuries and pain. Natalie also has a keen interest in exercise and after completing her qualifications, she also worked part-time teaching various group fitness classes to children and adults of all ages. She believes that exercise and education play a key part in the recovery process post-injury and Natalie has recently completed her Level 1 Pilates training at Posture Plus. She is now eagerly undergoing further Pilates training to develop her knowledge and skills in this area. After relocating to Hong Kong in 2019, Natalie has maintained her active lifestyle, enjoying group fitness classes and exploring the Hong Kong hiking trails. She also has a passion for travel and loves to explore new places where possible.

Natalie’s mission is to understand each client on a personal level and motivate them to ultimately self-manage their condition.


Agnes Wong

Physiotherapist from the University of Manchester, UK

Acupuncture, Pilates, Sport Physiotherapy

Agnes graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom in 2001. She has worked extensively in both public and private hospitals as well as clinical settings. In order to further her special interest in the areas of musculoskeletal and sports injury,

Agnes attained a Master’s degree with distinction in Sports Physiotherapy from the Polytechnic University, Hong Kong in 2009. Upon completion of her Masters degree she was invited to join the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) where her major project was to promote the use of Pilates exercise in injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement for elite athletes.

Agnes gained extensive on-field Physiotherapy experience working with elite sports teams both locally and overseas. She was a member of the Hong Kong Medical Team for the Vietnam Asia Indoor Games 2009, Hong Kong East Asian Games 2009, Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 and London Olympic Games in 2012.

Agnes believes that exercise therapy and education play vital roles in post-injury rehabilitation. She is fascinated by the use of different exercise approaches to normalise the altered muscle recruitment patterns commonly found in clients with musculo-skeletal disorders. She is a certified Pilates instructor from Polestar Pilates (Rehab), USA and DMA Pilates, Aust. and has been teaching Rehabilitation and Conditioning Pilates for 7 years. Agnes is also a Hong Kong certified acupuncturist.

In her spare time, Agnes enjoys running, swimming, scuba diving and traveling. She is a native Cantonese speaker who also speaks fluent English.

Agnes’s mission is to implement the appropriate exercise program for clients with musculoskeletal conditions. Her passion is to help her client to enjoy life, to stay pain free and injury free. 


Pip Lui

AASFP Advanced Trainer,

Sports Massage Therapy

Pip is a certified AASFP Advanced Trainer and has worked in established gyms in Hong Kong since 2001. He has also been working as an independent trainer for the last 6 years in various gyms providing personalized gym programs.

Pip qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2006 (AASFP). His interest in Sports Massage was a natural progression given his extensive background and knowledge of the fitness industry in Hong Kong.

Pip uses a combination of massage techniques including Swedish, trigger point and myofascial release to treat overuse injuries whether caused by sustained postures at work or on the sports field.

His passion is to help people pursue their goals to their full potential without injury or pain holding them back. His future ambition is to focus on Sports Massage within a clinical setting. Massage therapy has been a very rewarding experience for him personally as he has witnessed the positive changes that his techniques have made to performance and general wellbeing. During his spare time, Pip is heavily involved in various adventurous outdoor activities such as kickboxing, bike racing, running, hiking and diving as well as indoor activities such as cooking.

Pip’s mission is to assist people to relieve the muscle aches and pains from daily life using a variety of massage techniques, and to support enthusiastic sportsmen and women to enhance their sports performance and prevent injuries.


Darek Wyrzykowski

Body Massage Therapies at Morley College of London

Sports Massage Therapy

Darek Wyrzykowski has practiced as a sports massage therapist in London since 2009. His professional pursuit commenced with his City and Guild Level 3 Diploma studies in Body Massage Therapies at Morley College of London. He then completed the BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Sports Massage and Sports Treatments programme. Darek is currently a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (UK).

As a manual therapist, Darek is inspired by the work of Ida Rolf and Tom Meyers on the web of fascia and the myofascial meridians, which led him to further in-depth study of kinesiology and structural integration. This has not only enhanced his massage techniques, but also given him a deeper understanding of chronic pain conditions and postural dysfunctions. He has utilised these techniques extensively when he volunteered at the University College London Hospital, where he helped clients through their often very complicated rehabilitation process.

Darek’s treatment specialities include soft tissue and positional release, myofascial, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques. As well as working in a clinical setting, he also provides pre and post-event massage, including “pitch-side” support at sporting events. Darek aims to excel at both remedial and therapeutic treatment, working with athletes and sports enthusiasts, as well as individuals who suffer from common work-related postural complaints.

Darek is a keen sports enthusiast who enjoys climbing, cycling, Judo and Systema Kadochnikova: a Russian form of Martial Art. This extensive sport involvement nurtures his interest in body science, nutrition and sports coaching methods, as well as strengthening his skills in analysing biomechanics and human physiology.

Darek’s mission is to provide the best possible care to his clients: improve their health, boost their performance, keep them injury-free and prolong an active lifestyle.


Heather Chu

Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia

Sport Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Ante-Natal & Post-Natal Care, Ergonomics Evaluation & Lecture, Pilates

Heather Chu was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Heather started her career as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and registered Kinesiologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. She taught a variety of fitness classes including indoor spinning, specific sports conditioning, circuit training and cardiac rehabilitation along with one on one personal training sessions in private gyms. As a registered Kinesiologist she also provided rehabilitation to people suffering from traumatic brain injury, chronic pain and work-related injuries.

Her passion for rehabilitation led Heather to return to Hong Kong and further her qualifications in the field of Physiotherapy. She completed a Bachelor’s degree of Science Physiotherapy with Honors at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2014.

Heather has worked as a registered Physiotherapist in both private hospital and clinical settings. She combines manual therapy and Pilates rehabilitation and conditioning exercise for a range of conditions. These include antenatal and postnatal women, individuals affected by joint or soft tissue injuries and pre and post-surgery.

Heather is an accredited acupuncturist and Pilates Instructor and continues to further her study of advanced manual techniques at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Heather enjoys a wide range of sports -running, yoga and Pilates. Heather’s special interest is to combine her knowledge and previous experience in health and fitness with Physiotherapy techniques to help her clients to achieve optimal health.

Heather embraces the values of Client-Centered Care, empowering clients to self-manage their condition by taking the time to assess, explain their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan and help them develop healthy behaviours.


Carol Cam

Grad Dip. Phys, MCSP, MSc, (UK)

Specialist physiotherapist in stroke rehabilitation,

Carol Cam qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Manchester, UK in 1988. After completing junior rotations in the NHS in Liverpool, she became a specialist physiotherapist in stroke rehabilitation. She completed her Masters degree in Health Practice in 2000 at the University of Salford.

Her career has taken her to both Canada and Bermuda before arriving in Hong Kong in 2008. Over her 30+ years of experience as a physiotherapist working in different countries, she has treated patients in many other specialties including elderly care, oncology, amputees, ergonomics and pain management. Since coming to Hong Kong she has worked mainly with musculoskeletal and sports injuries, including at the HK Rugby Sevens, and she has maintained a strong interest in stroke and neurological rehabilitation.

Carol left Hong Kong in 2017 and relocated with her family back to the UK. There she took up a position in Manchester as a specialist stroke and neurological physiotherapist, treating patients at a brain injury rehabilitation centre and also treating patients in their own homes.

In 2019 her husband’s employment meant a return back to Hong Kong and Carol is now available to offer physiotherapy home visits to any patient who might benefit from a home based therapy session, particularly those patients with neurological conditions or mobility difficulties.

Carol treats each patient as an individual and provides the appropriate physiotherapy treatment for them to achieve their best potential. She analyses their movement and devises corrective exercises to improve posture, improve movement control, and reduce pain. Carol thrives on learning and continues to keep updated with current best practice. She is a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology (ACPIN).

Carol loves to stay active, and enjoys hiking and yoga. She is also an enthusiastic member of the Hong Kong Women’s Choir, choreographing the choir’s dance moves, serving on the committee and raising funds for local Hong Kong charities.

Carol’s mission is to work together with the patient, to fully understand their movement problems, and to help each patient achieve their personal therapy goals.


Posture Plus is looking to expand its team and requires an experienced, highly motivated Physiotherapist/s with a special interest in the following areas: Sports Medicine and Pilates.

Applicants should have a minimum of 5 years physiotherapy experience and preferably post-graduate qualifications. Fluency in French,  English, Cantonese would be an advantage.

Excellent remuneration, flexible hours, holiday pay, sickness benefits and medical insurance will be offered to the successful candidates. Please forward CV’s and expected salary :