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Will Acupuncture Resolve my Injuries and Take my Pain Away?

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Researchers have shown that clients have displayed the following therapeutic effects after receiving acupuncture treatment:

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Increase pain threshold by stimulating the release of natural adenosine (an anti-inflammatory effect) and endorphin (pain relieving and a feeling of well-being effect) hormones in the body
  • An analgesic effect

As with all conditions, if you continue to stress your body, move incorrectly etc, the treatment effect of acupuncture may only be short term. At Posture Plus, acupuncture is only one modality that our Physiotherapists use; there are many other modalities (joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, neural mobilization, stretching and strengthening for example) that may be incorporated into your treatment programme in order to maximize the benefits.

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