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What to Expect?

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There are three components to the assessment performed over two 60 minute consultations.

  1. History and goals
    Firstly, we will discuss what you’re aiming to achieve. Whether you want to “just get moving again” or return to a specific activity after an injury, pregnancy or a busy period in life, setting goals is important. We will also go through your exercise history and discuss how you currently rate different aspects of your health and fitness.
  2. Movement assessment and screening
    Next, we will analyse your posture and movements. We will try to make our analysis specific to your goals and we especially need to find your weaknesses in order to avoid injuries! We may “poke and prod” a few muscles and joints to help us understand what is limiting your movements as this will have an impact on which exercises will suit you and your needs.
  3. Exercise program
    Finally, we will put all the information together to develop an exercise program for you to start on. The format will vary based on our findings and your available resources. If you have a personal trainer or sports coach, we will strive to work alongside them with your training plan. If you don’t have a coach or trainer, we strongly recommend a review within a fortnight. We also advise monthly reviews to help you stay on track, progress exercises as you improve, remind you of technique and answer any questions you may have.
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