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What Sports Physiotherapy Services do we Provide?

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Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injury. We offer superior physiotherapy through comprehensive assessment, strong manual therapy techniques and sound, evidence-based practice.

On-field Support, Emergency Management and Sideline Care. Our staff are experienced in sideline care and on-field support, with a robust knowledge of emergency/ trauma management and first aid.

Physiotherapy Support for Players. Players are supported at training sessions, tournaments and games by a dedicated Physiotherapist who may provide assessment and diagnosis of injury, taping, massage, treatment and further referral as necessary.

Coach and Management Team Support. Our aim is to fully rehabilitate the player before a return to sport, but we understand that some players have injuries, which need to be managed throughout a season. Working alongside Coaches and Managers, the Physiotherapist maintains open lines of communication with regard to player injury and rehabilitation status. This ensures the management team is completely aware of any risks players face on their return to sport, allowing them to allocate resources as necessary.

Player Education. We recognise that education is the key to player safety. Our Sports Physiotherapists have made it their responsibility to educate and advise on exercise prescription, stretching, a gradual return to sport and equipment. This extends to all players, with a focus on educating junior levels – we believe good habits are developed in our youth!

Specialist Referral. Our approach is comprehensive and we understand the challenges you face juggling work, family and sporting commitments. Our clinic is well affiliated with professionals in all areas of healthcare including Orthopaedic specialists, psychologists, sports physicians, podiatrists, remedial and sports massage therapists.

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