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Are There Different Types of Sports Massage?

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Yes. Sports massage has three main treatment areas: clinical, pre-event and post-event treatment.

Clinical treatment targets a specific injury, providing an analysis, diagnosis, treatment programme and preventative advice. Pressure, techniques used and the area addressed vary and are adjusted depending on the specific needs of the client.

Pre-event massage utilises brisk energising techniques. It aims to boost circulation, increase tissue elasticity and shorten warm-up time. This type of massage will focus on potential problem areas in order to prevent injury and to make sure your muscles are ready for action.

Post-event massage is a gentle and superficial treatment usually 10-20 minutes in duration. It initiates the removal of metabolic waste from the muscles and promotes the healing of muscle microtrauma. Research has shown that best results occcur if sports massage is commenced within the first hour post-performance, before the body cools down.

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