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What should I expect during my first massage therapy visit?

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Prior to the initial session, please fill in and return the massage assessment form via email ( / fax (852 2167 8852) or alternatively bring in the completed form with you. Please click here to download the form.

The therapist will assess what areas need to be worked on and what type of massage is appropriate for you. In subsequent visits, should any information regarding your health change (i.e. pregnancy), please inform your therapist before the start of that session. Once the initial assessment is completed the therapist will give you some privacy to get undressed and to get on the massage table. Draping, usually a sheet, will be provided for you to cover yourself.

Treatments are generally done using massage lotion or oil directly on the skin. Pressure will vary during the treatment and therapists use trigger point treatment, fascial stretching and rhythmic techniques. Self-care exercises to do at home are assigned and an estimation of how many sessions may be required will be given to the client. Registered Massage Therapists work with their clients and other relevant therapists in a combined effort to achieve the best results.

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