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Is Acupuncture Covered By Insurance?

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At Posture Plus, only registered Physiotherapists carry out acupuncture treatments as an adjunct to traditional Western Physiotherapy techniques. Whether or not you are covered for Physiotherapy treatment depends upon your insurer, insurance policy and your level of insurance. Check with your insurer first to confirm your coverage before you attend our centre. Please bring along your Doctor’s referral, as insurance companies require the Doctor’s diagnosis to be printed on your receipt. We will take a copy of your referral and return the original to you at your first assessment session.

*Please note that currently, Posture Plus is the only independent private Physiotherapy practice in Hong Kong to be designated a “preferred provider” for CIGNA insurance company. Please alert our receptionist when you first make an appointment if you are covered by CIGNA as there are specific paperwork procedures to go through prior to your attendance.

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