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Do the Postural Changes from Pilates Last?

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In most cases the body continues to change in a positive direction over time following Pilates intervention, especially if the client continues their homework exercises after discharge. However, as people may suffer further injuries, accidents or stressful times they may slide back into their “default” dysfunctional posture. So, additional sessions in the future may prove to be useful.

After completing the rehabilitation stage of treatment, most clients prefer to continue attending for postural maintenance as a conditioning client. Generally, the conditioning sessions are not covered by medical insurance but we do offer a package discount for these sessions. Other clients prefer to continue independently with their home exercise programme and return intermittently for progression of their home exercises or a Pilates Plus “posture check up”.

All clients are provided with an individually designed home exercise programme both during their active treatment and at discharge. Long-term experience has shown us that the home exercise programme is a vital tool to enhance not only the speed of recovery but also the maintenance of the postural improvements.

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